Hybrid Off-Grid System for holiday home in the Alps

For this customer, a solution for the power supply of a holiday home in the Italian Alps was developed on the basis of the MultiPower AC5048. The main energy supply is provided by a PV generator and AC-coupled micro hydro generator (Pelton turbine). An existing genset is used as backup power supply.

Hybrid off-grid power supply for health center in Madagascar

The health clinic “Petites Soeurs Missionnaires de la Charité” in Mandiavato / Madagascar engages in sanitary work, socioeducational work, human development and women empowerment. The center has no connection to the electricity network. In order to run its equipment properly, it strongly depends on energy safety and a stable access to electricity.

The Swedish company InnoVentum has started a project to empower this site with electricity. The idea is to provide a Dali Power Tower designed by Innoventum that produces sustainable energy from both, solar and wind energy.

The annual consumption of the care centre estimated by InnoVentum is 3045 kWh per year. The Dali Power Tower is able to deliver 6720 kWh per year. This supplies the center with enough energy not only to cover its current electricity demand but also to expand and improve its work.

SEI AG provided the off-grid control/power cabinet, which is an Xtender Power AC3548 system with additional DC input for the wind generator and load shedding contactor for low-priority AC appliances, the PV generator with 1.68kWp and a battery bank with 11kWh capacity.

The system is being monitored and configured via simple SMS messaging, allowing to use just the GSM network.

Please find further information of InnoVentum’s great hybrid tower solutions and much more on their website www.innoventum.se!

Off-Grid power supply for residential home in Portugal

For the power supply of a larger private domicile in Portugal, a customized solution was developed by our engineers. The heart of the system is the ready-to-operate plug’n’play control cabinet with a total of 14kVA / 230V AC output power and 14kWp maximum PV power. Two Studer Xtender XTH 8000 inverters and two VarioString VS-120 MPPT charge controllers with an input voltage of 600V each were installed. Furthermore, a sealed tubular plate battery from Hoppecke with a total capacity of 1250Ah (C24) / 48V, a PV generator with 12.6kWp (45x280Wp) and a GEKO diesel generator with remote start electronic as backup power source were supplied. The installation and commissioning of the system was carried out by a local electrician.

Off-grid power supply for the headquarters of Reserva Nacional do Gilé

For the off-grid power supply of the headquarters of a Mozambican national park (Reserva Nacional do Gilé), a QuattroPower AC24048T was implemented as Microgrid by our local partner SwissSolar. Four guest houses, a restaurant and staff accommodation of the facility are powered by a 3-phase system with up to 24kVA. The three solar generators with a total output of 12.6 kWp together with a 60kWh OPzV lead-acid battery from Hoppecke ensure the power supply. The solar generators were mounted on a wooden structure at a height of approx. 3 m and so serve as a shelter at the same time.

Due to the remoteness of the building complex, there were numerous logistical problems which had to be mastered by Mr. Ziegler from SwissSolar. In addition, a total of 22 buildings or parts of the infrastructure were connected to a microgrid with more than 1000m cable laid.

Residential PV storage system in Yaoundé

The public grid in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, is expensive and not very reliable. In addition to the unstable mains voltage, there are regularly long lasting balckouts. This results in a large demand for battery backed-up PV systems, which not only guarantee an uninterruptible power supply, but also minimise the purchase of electricity.

Our local partner AfriMedia has found a suitable solution in our products and has already put two Multi Power AC 5048 systems into operation in private homes in Yaoundé. The battery bank consists of the durable and cost-effective sun|power VR M solar batteries from Hoppecke. The gross capacity totals in 11.5 kWh and guarantees sufficient autonomy in the event of a power failure. The PV generator is dimensioned in such a way that almost complete self-sufficiency is possible.

Future business models focus on a pre-paid extension of our energy solutions to reach low-income customers as well.

Drinking water purification plant in Tanzania

For a drinking water purification system, which was implemented as part of a development aid project in Tanzania at the end of 2016, SEI AG supplied a MultiPower AC 5048 Plug and Play System, a 48V/910Ah Hoppecke V L liquid battery as well as 5.04kWp solar modules and a suitable under construction which was mounted on the technology container.

Power Supply for customs offices in Mozambique

Several remote offices of the Mozambican customs authority are supplied with power by Multi Power AC 3048 systems, each with a 4.2kWp PV generator on a solid Schletter PVMax S steel rack in 5×3 layout and a 460Ah battery bank.

A auto-start capable Dometic diesel generator TEC30 with 2.6KW is available as backup power source. The system is monitored via a GSM modem integrated in the control cabinet.

The installation and commissioning was carried out by our partner Swiss Solar.

Grid-remote Power Supply for Finca on Mallorca

For this project a custom-built solution was developed on the basis of the Xtender Power AC10048. The system consists of a plug’play control cabinet with a total of 7kVA output, a 5kWp PV generator and a battery bank with 900Ah / 48V. The OPzS batteries are operated with liquid electrolyte. An electrolyte circulating pump was integrated into the control cabinet to prevent acid layering and to increase the efficiency.

Off-Grid Power Supply for Barn

The barn located in southern Germany is supplied with a PhoenixPower AC1224 with 1200VA output power, a 400Wp PV generator as well as a 120Ah / 24V battery bank with electricity, mainly for the lighting. The systems was shipped in ready-to-install performance inlc. storefront mounting system for the PV generator.

Power Supply for Farm House in Mozambique

The remote farm in Mozambique is powered by Multi Power AC 5048 system, a 4.2kWp PV-Generator and a 460Ah battery bank. The system was shipped as ready-to-install package. The installation and commissioning was performed by our local partner Swiss Solar.