System Design and Simulation

Our know-how we accumulated in the field of off-grid energy supply over the last 15 years flows in our software products for system dimensioning and simulation. Based on site-specific radiation data, the consumer load profile and a battery model, we calculate the optimum system configuration for your project. We offer this software solutions as a web-based tool to our trade partners.

Customized Development / OEM

Special and specific requirements are no problem for us. Our specialists work with you to arrange a suitable, precisely tailored system according to your needs and requirements. This can be exclusively produced for you starting from small numbers in our factory in Karlsruhe. It is also possible to have our standard products with your own design as an OEM product. Just contact us.

Profitability Analysis

The system cost is often a decisive factor in the use of autonomous systems. The initial investment costs account for the largest factor. In order to provide comparability with conventional forms of energy production and to assess the cost we perform profitability analysis and determine, for example, the amount of diesel fuel that can be saved by using an off-grid system.

Project Management

You need a off-grid power supply or a battery storage but you lack the expertise in this field? We can take over the project management for you and support you from the implementation of complex power systems to turnkey handover. We take on the entire project management or provide you with relevant project staff, which participate in the project.

System Monitoring

In order to ensure a smooth, reliable operation of your power supply and to detect mistakes early, a continuous monitoring of the operating parameters is necessary. Our technicians take over the monitoring for you and keep you informed of the status of your plant. For this purpose all systems can be expanded with a corresponding web interface that allow online-based monitoring.