Based on an estimate of Greenpeace, around two billion people will have to rely on electricity supply from Renewable Energy sources by 2030. On the one hand, this is the result of the drying up of fossil fuels and on the other hand the result of the increase in population. By the finite nature of conventional energy sources and the problem of nuclear power generation, a time has begun in which one must turn towards alternative concepts, in order to ensure security of supply as well as the living environment for future generations by avoiding anthropogenic energy production.

To accomplish this goal, a global change in the consumption behavior and in the use of electricity must take place. The application of alternative and environmentally friendly technologies will become a challenge and must be given priority. Hereby, the generation of power at the same place as where it is consumed is of growing importance and might not be underestimated. This is because transport of electricity over long distances is mostly associated with consumption of natural resources and significant impairment of natural habitats. Smart Energy Systems International (SEI) AG feels deeply committed to this task and wants to make its contribution in this regard.

Production & QM

In the production of our control cabinets, we apply the highest standards and exclusively use components of renowned European manufacturers. All systems are produced at our headquarters in northern Baden, Karlsruhe, Germany. A dedicated quality management ensures consistently high quality and a smooth commissioning. Each of our systems is parameterized for you by our technicians and subjected to extensive testing prior to delivery.


In order to always provide the optimal energy supply to our customers, we constantly monitor technological progress and adapt our products to the current state of technology and to new requirements. In addition, our engineers are constantly working on new concepts and product lines to open up new fields of application and to complement the existing product lines.

Sales & Service

For a long time our products have been sold worldwide and used successfully. To offer the best service possible, a worldwide distribution and service partner network is currently under construction. Therefor we are constantly looking for new partners.