Backup systems deliver uninterruptible power supply of critical consumers in regions with unstable power grids. They respond not only during power failure but also when violations of predetermined frequency and voltage limits are detected. By instantaneous changeover with minimal delay (offline UPS) consumers are effectively protected against these threats.

Our turnkey control systems are characterized by high quality and reliability, as well as the Plug’n’Play system design developed by our experts.

With a switching time of less than 20ms, the systems are suitable for sensitive equipment and can, depending on the version, provide the entire power supply or only individual circuits. The integrated system monitoring informs the user about events and enables transparent management.

Your benefits

  • Plug'n'Play all-in-one control cabinet
  • Use of high-end devices and components
  • Monitoring incl. data logging and remote control
  • Standard-compliant safety and switching organs
  • Integrated bypass circuit
  • High degree of protection (IP54/55)
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 years product warranty

Principle Layout


Our Product Solutions

Systems with Studer components are still available on request!


Multi Backup AC Series

Quattro Backup AC Series

We rely on quality

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