Hybrid off-grid power supply for health center in Madagascar

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The health clinic “Petites Soeurs Missionnaires de la Charité” in Mandiavato / Madagascar engages in sanitary work, socioeducational work, human development and women empowerment. The center has no connection to the electricity network. In order to run its equipment properly, it strongly depends on energy safety and a stable access to electricity.

The Swedish company InnoVentum has started a project to empower this site with electricity. The idea is to provide a Dali Power Tower designed by Innoventum that produces sustainable energy from both, solar and wind energy.

The annual consumption of the care centre estimated by InnoVentum is 3045 kWh per year. The Dali Power Tower is able to deliver 6720 kWh per year. This supplies the center with enough energy not only to cover its current electricity demand but also to expand and improve its work.

SEI AG provided the off-grid control/power cabinet, which is an Xtender Power AC3548 system with additional DC input for the wind generator and load shedding contactor for low-priority AC appliances, the PV generator with 1.68kWp and a battery bank with 11kWh capacity.

The system is being monitored and configured via simple SMS messaging, allowing to use just the GSM network.

Please find further information of InnoVentum’s great hybrid tower solutions and much more on their website www.innoventum.se!