Residential PV storage system in Yaoundé

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    June 2017

  • Category

    Backup, Off-Grid

The public grid in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, is expensive and not very reliable. In addition to the unstable mains voltage, there are regularly long lasting balckouts. This results in a large demand for battery backed-up PV systems, which not only guarantee an uninterruptible power supply, but also minimise the purchase of electricity.

Our local partner AfriMedia has found a suitable solution in our products and has already put two Multi Power AC 5048 systems into operation in private homes in Yaoundé. The battery bank consists of the durable and cost-effective sun|power VR M solar batteries from Hoppecke. The gross capacity totals in 11.5 kWh and guarantees sufficient autonomy in the event of a power failure. The PV generator is dimensioned in such a way that almost complete self-sufficiency is possible.

Future business models focus on a pre-paid extension of our energy solutions to reach low-income customers as well.