SmartEnergy+ DC PV Storage for Vineyard in the South of France

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  • Construction Date

    June 2017

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The property is a winery with an air-conditioned warehouse. The use of the SmartEnergy + DC storage solution minimizes the energy costs from the grid and ensures an isolated operation in case of mains failure. The AC output power of the system is 24kVA 3-phase. The PV generator has a total power of 26.5kWp and the battery bank has a gross capacity of 140kWh. An Air conditioning unit with approx. 16kW as well as smaller consumers, such as lighting, pumps, etc. have to be supplied.

The system is equipped with a grid & plant protection device in case grid injection is desired in future. Furthermore, the system has an uninterrupted bypass circuit to maintain the power supply in case of maintenance or a faulty system component.

SEI AG has carried out the entire planning and delivered all components of the power system. The installation was carried out by our partner in France, Conception Connect Service, Mr. Wrubel