Off-grid power supply of speed measurement systems in Abu Dhabi

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    March 2016

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For a traffic control project in the desert state Abu Dhabi a customized system was developed  in close cooperation with VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH from Wiesbaden for its subsidiary based in Dubai.

For the full-year electricity supply a solar generator constisting of 6 PV modules with 1.2kWp was mounted on a customer supplied mounting frame . Charging takes place via a Studer VarioTrack VT65 . AC voltage is provided by a Studer XTS1400. Due to the harsh climatic conditions in the desert a double-walled housing for the accommodation of electronic components and the batteries were chosen. As battery storage Hoppecke VRM batteries with a total capacity of 146Ah ( C24 ) at 48V are used which ensure a system autonomy of one day.

For the first phase of the project to date 27 systems have been delivered by SEI AG .