Off-grid Power Supply for Finca on Mallorca

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    March 2014

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Many plots in Mallorca are not connected to the local power grid. In most cases your own off-grid solar power is the cheaper alternative to expensive network development. Especially with the good year-round irradiation conditions. In order to bridge longer bad weather periods a small diesel or gasoline generator is sufficient as an emergency power source.

For this project a Xtender Power Pro cabinet system with two 1-phase coupled Studer XTH inverters was supplied to catch short high peak loads reliably and to ensure sufficient reserves for future expansion. The power of the solar generator is 2,8kWp and can be expanded to twice the performance. The substructure was given in order by the customer on site. The batteries have a total capacity of 762Ah (C24) at 48V and are designed for a system autonomy of 2 days. Therefore durable Hoppecke OpzV tubular plate batteries are applied. Due to the prefabricated cabinet the customer was able to do the installation on his own.