Power Supply for the “Walderhütte” in Austria

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    July 2014

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The “Walderhütte” is a guesthouse which is situated at 1960 m altitude at Wöllander Nock. Until now electricity was provided by a three-phase diesel generator. During the renovation of the “Walderhütte” a new, sustainable approach to power the electrical load was developed. Due to the main use during the summer months, the elctricity demand can be covered almost entirely by a photovoltaic generator. The pv generator provides 4.6kWp and is planned to be extended to 9.2kWp. In the transition periods and in winter the generator will be continued to use as backup power source. The battery bank has a capacity of 480Ah (C24) at 48V. This corresponds to a total capacity of 23kWh. The core of the system is represented by the Xtender Power Pro plug’n’play cabinet, which was adjusted as needed. in addition to the second Studer VarioTrack the cabinet is prepared for connection of an additonal wind turbine. An automatic decoupling of consumers phases ensures a uniform load on the three phases of the generator in backup operation.