Off-Grid Power Supply for Offshore Platforms in the Baltic Sea

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The container platforms are built on the continental shelf in front of the Baltic Sea coast nearby Greifswald. Main purpose of the platforms are to analyse the sea water.

The platform is unattended and therefore designed as a fully automatic and autonomous power supply (230VAC/50Hz und 24V DC) to secure the transfer of the measured data through all over the year. Power is mainly used for electronic measurement facilities, some pumps and valves, navigation lighting as well as for a laptop with telemetric accessory for remote monitoring of measured data and operation of power system.

To secure the power supply, we have considered a two stage modular concept for the charging components. The basic installation consists of 1x wind generator Ampair 600 and4x Solara SM500S 125 Wp solar modules. In case charging current to the battery bank (4x SBG 12-230 in total 230 Ah/48 V) is not sufficient, the system may be extended by a further wind generator and addtional four solar modules. For emergency backup power a gas generator with automatic start facility is on standby. The strong>230 V/50Hz AC power comes from Studer XPC Inverter. The DC power supply (24V DC) is performed by 48/24 DC-DC converter.

For easy and quick installation at site, all electronics have been pre-wired and tested in our laboratory before dispatch. Thus only the cabeling of the battery bank, the wind turbine and the solar modules had to be performed.