Off-Grid Power Supply of an Outhouse near Saarschleife

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    January 2015

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Often facilities in protected nature areas can only be connected to the public grid by considerable financial and administrative burdens. In many cases an off-grid supply is the only viable solution to ensure a reliable power supply.
For the project a Xtender Power Pro Set in the smallest version with a Studer XTS inverter and a Studer VarioTrack charge controller was delivered. For the power supply throughout the year, an existing power generation from 6 PV modules provide 1.53kWp on a flat roof frame, which is supported by an auto-start gasoline generator when needed. As energy storage Hoppecke OpzV 6V block batteries with a total capacity of 235Ah (C24) at 24V are used, which guarantees a system autonomy of 2 days.