PV Off-Grid System Quattro Power AC10048

Plug’n’Play PV off-grid control cabinet for 230V AC power supply

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Plug’n’Play off-grid cabinet solution (Made in Germany) for 230V AC power supply with inverter/charger Victron Energy Quattro 48/10000/140 (10kVA), MPPT charge controller Victron Energy BlueSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr (100A/5,8kWp), PV charger monitor Victron Energy MPPT Control, battery monitor Victron Energy BMV-700 and 2.5m/95mm² battery main cable set

PV charge controller
Battery voltage
Nominal AC power (25°C)
Max. charging current (grid/genset)
Max. PV power
Number of MPPTs
Max. PV input voltage
HousingIP54 ground-mounted cabinet from powder coated steel plate incl. 200mm socket kit
Ventilationtemperature controlled up to 150m³/h
MonitoringPV-Ladereglermonitor VE MPPT-Control; Batteriemonitor VE BMV-700 (optional: VE ColorControl GX)
AC fuse IN/OUT50A circuit breaker type B
DC battery fuseFuse switch disconnector (size 00 – 80V DC) 100A (PV charger) / 250A (inverter)
Features2x AC input (grid/genset); PV breaker; removable N and PEN bridge
Additional outputschangeover relay K1+K2 (inv); NO contact (BMV); temp. sensor (inv); VE BUS (inv); 230V AC 1A AUX
Dimensions (wxhxd)