Technology Transfer with Steinbeis

This world renown institution ( with its global network and its extensive business portfolio is a strong and competent partner for SEI AG for not only technology transfer but also for putting SEI AG’s SMART Battery Generators into the market. Pivotal to the philosophy at Steinbeis: ‘ The concept of transfer between the world of science and academia on the one hand and trade and industry on the other. Central to markets. Adding tangible benefit.
With this company – Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG, represented by Steinbeis Transfer Center International Technological Cooperation, Stuttgart – SEI AG entered into an agreement that secures the company’s support in regard to the technology transfer of her SMART Battery Generators. Steinbeis will on behalf of SEI AG analyze markets in defined countries, find the right Joint Venture Partners and recommend these potential JV Partners to SEI AG. This is an ideal way for SEI AG to find the right local partners with a minimum of cost and time. For India and Turkey first contacts have been already established.